About CAYF

A youth fellowship gathers in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to pursue spiritual edification and growth through means of fellowship with fellow Christians.

Fellowship is an important element of one's spiritual growth and maturity. Just as the newly baptized members in the book of Acts often gathered to study the word of the Lord, pray in the Spirit, and bear witness of the love of Jesus Christ, a youth fellowship provides opportunities for members to gather in His name and mutually edify and encourage one another in faith, strengthening each other in the Spirit and the Word.

The youth play a critical role in the holy work of the church. Along with developing spiritual growth, a youth fellowship also focuses on the retention of the youth membership of a given church. Another focus for a youth fellowship is to encourage and facilitate its members’ involvement in serving the local church.

Because the foundation of a youth fellowship is the power of the Holy Spirit and of God’s word, it is important for all members to be rooted in a life of prayer and worship. A youth fellowship can edify and nurture its members as they strive toward fulfilling their individual functions and completing a successful journey of faith.